January 17, 2011

From Good to WOW – Week 2– What's good Moring to you?

What is the Moring like in the Mar’s house hold. usually getting kids dressed, breakfast on the table, the first thing I do when I go down stairs is turn the coffee mashain on, then cut the bread and make the kids something to eat, then I push the button so the coffee comes down. I didn’t want to do coffee since I think ALOT of people are going to do coffee, but it doesn't seem like that yet.
Of course I did not take this photo in the morning but in the evening AFTER putting the kids to bed. I had to use the flash but it was still too strong when I took it all the way down to –3 so I put it up a bit and covered it with some kitchen roll, where I took the layers apart only to have one layer. Makes taking a photo ALOT harder but I think it worked pretty well to defuse the flash a bit. I ether need a better lens or a flash… Our place is just soooo dark.

Good Morning - SOOC 

That coffee coming down looks soooo weak, but its at the end of the capsule. I took quite a few photos while it was making this one cup of coffee.

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