September 9, 2010


So 2 weekends ago I was at my grandparents with the kids. There Grate grandparents. Hoping to get back to some regular blogging in the next week.

Mr Mar Jr is just trying to say Opa, looking at the pics from his Opa.

Theas are my fathers parents. This photo was taken during the day but in the forest in cloudy weather. And yes that bike dose not have any peddles on it.

I just thought I would post some of the photos I took there. I was trying to use my camera on Manuel, what is not that easy when using a point and shot camera. I am just lucky that I can have a fully manual mode. I was actually shooting in TV and AV mode allot of the time working out how to get good shots of the kids running and playing ball.

I am actually surprised at how good some of theas pics look. Not that I can remember at what setting I took what ones. But I love how I got the kids in focus while running around and the back ground blurry. AT some point we were playing hill and Ms Mar against me, plus we were playing with 2 balls, now that was a work out.

I had also taken there Austrian clothes with me, since The pants that Mr Mar Jr has on belonged to my little brother.
I am going to get theas 3 printed for the family.

So while there we always try and get out go for a walk, this is the cemarty from my Color splash Sunday post.

Lighting candles for the grave

They also have a really nice garden, the kids love picking stuff, esspaly the berries they have growing.

This is from one of our walks.

This is the vue I get from the bedroom I stay in.


Amy said...

Experimenting is the best way to get to know your camera better! Using all the different modes and comparing the results will help you to understand what they all do. These are all great photos, but I particularly love the second to last one, of Miss Mar walking down the path. So scenic, and she is beautifully framed.

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