September 12, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Reflections

This weeks theme is reflections, I had all these ideas from trying to get the sky reflecting in a water drop to the kitchen reflecting in a bowl. All didn't turn out looking too grate. I am sure the kitchen in a bowl would look good, but it would need allot more time then I had to spend on that.  So While walking around be for a DR appointment I thought this was so cute. Mr Mar JR walking along side a window. I actually like the way it turned out.

So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.


beingzaraandzidan said...

wow u have done an amazing job with this pic. Love it!

Amy said...

That does look cool! Imagine... if you had twin boys running around! ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

What an interesting shot - it looks kinda another dimension.

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