September 10, 2010

Photo Roulette - 8(30)

This is one of my favort memes to take part in. First it is easy, since you don't go looking for photos beforhand, you just get the photo on friday and post it. This week we got the numbers 8(30) meaning the 8th folder and 30 pictuer.

I started off in my backed up folder then counted the 8th folder 2010 (only folders in there) then I took the 8th folder again August, and the 30th pictur.

This photo is of Mr Mar JR, back in july he had fallen of the changing tabel in the 2 seconds Mr Mar Sr was getting a whipe. He pushed his tooth back into his jaw. This was one of the fasters ER exprinces I have ever had, we were in and out of the hosptial in about an hour and had gone to 2 deffernt ER's within that hosptal one. First the one for the kids and then the one for jaw and teeth. The tooth is now even ferther out, so it is growing agian, just even more slowly then teeth usualy grow. If it dosn't come out all the way it will still fall out normaly when he would loose it. This was deffently one of the most sceary moments ever.

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Ashley Sisk said...

At first I was like "awkward photo." But actually, I really like this perspective. You rarely see this angle and I think it's very reflective of the moment. Nice work.

Jennifer said...

Wow scary story but the adorable pic! I really like the angle :)

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