September 1, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge - August 2010 - My Photos

This month I have been looking for 20 things to take photos of. Yes finding 20 things is in one way not hard, but when it comes to hart shaped clouds that is somthing els. I found one, and I was suprised. Some I just wasn't sure what to take a photo of. Some I just plain old forgot and did last minute things. Like I wanted to take a better photo of Feet but just didn't realy find the time. Yeh one month and no time...

Any way onto....
my photos for this month...

1. A flag that represents you - I would of much rather used a New Zealand falg but since I am not over there, I used an Austrian flag, since that is where I am living right now and I was also born here.

2. Something comfortable - Sheep Skin

3. Something in season - Vegu graden at my grandparents house, Ms Mar helping get string beans for lunch.

4. Feet - Not the best picter but the only one I got of feet this month. This was on the way home from a birthday party.

5. Repetition - up and down, up and down....

6. Culture or ethnicity - Living in Vienna, culture deffently has to do with Drindel and Lieder hosen. Nerly everone owns one, but they just Never get whoren, here are my 2 little ones in them.

7. Contrast - Blue sky and storm Clouds

8. An indulgence - Häagen-Dazs Ice Creme, yip it was all gone after I finnished taking photos of it. wounder how man did ice creme

9. A macro or closeup - Mr Mar Jr eye

10. Something masculine - Scrues

11. Something feminine - Sand paper for the legs.

12. Light - Lightning, we had a huge litning stom, this was like the only photo I was abel to captur not easy.

13. Eco-friendly - Theas are milk cartons and juice cartons, and what ever els comes in somthing like that, they get picked up fortnightly, this is from our appartment block.

14. Business - Well I think this is self explanity

15. An arrow - or in my case arrows.

16. Something wet - It was pouring down with rain here, this is our cohlrabi leafs wet from the rain.

17. Something dry - Washing about to be taken off the line.

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds - WOW, I found one, I was thinking I may need to use a photo out of my archives, since I have the BEST hart shaped cloud ever photo, that I took back in 2004? when flying home to New Zealand out of the plain window, So no blue sky as a back ground but the sea as the back ground. Just that that photo would have real bad quality since I lost the orgonal and it was a copy I had luckly put on the net. But I found this one on Aug 25 when going to pick up Ms Mar from kindy. I did not think I would find this.

20. Strength - Mr Mar Jr helping build a brick wall. Takes ALLOT of strength for an 18 month old to left that hammer.

What one is your favorit. I would have to say the Marco shot, of Mr Mar Jr eye.


Ewa said...

lovely photos, I have to say my favourite is Culture photo, the two of them look so cute in the costumes

Mommy2Four said...

I love your macro shot! All of them are lovely though!

Christine said...

Lovely pics, love the macro, water and culture shots the best!

Faith said...

beautiful work! your heart cloud is awesome and the masculine and macro are great!

Amy said...

Oh gosh, Marlis, I love all of your photos! The ones I like the best are #6, 9, 15, 16, and 19. Especially the macro! Very clear and crisp!

I just posted my own photos for this hunt:

Ashley Sisk said...

There are so many incredible captures but my hands down favorite is your lightning shot - that's just too cool!

Ang said...

I love your 'something wet' - that is a great shot! Awesome collection!

Sarah said...

Great job! I love your macro/close-up of the eye! I am also super impressed by your heart-shaped cloud. It is one of the best defined ones I have seen so far!

Nat said...

great shots! I've been dying to capture a butterfly in mid flight. I also loved your close-up. Great job!

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