September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #14

 Linking up once again with a wordless wensday, But this time with a little more then one photo, and a bit of a story behind it (kinda the reson I had a hard time finding anything els to take photos of)

Over at Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk each week there is a scavanger hunt for photos. I didn't take part of last weeks challange I was too bussy trying to get ONE photo. Now this photo was the effect of Bokeh my first thought was what is it. So with a bit of help with google I found out what it is, now how to take photos of it.

Well first lets try with a finger to focas on and a tree with the light coming through the back ground

Ok, now that one didn't even foucus, but the back ground worked.

Lets try again, ok finger in foucus, bokeh effect there.

So we went for a walk through the forest, trying to take photos with the kids in from for a subject. I just couldn't get the back ground blury, so grab photoshop and do it there. Looks ok.

Then putting all that to a fail. Today, I go to open up a photo, to edit for wordless wednsday, just to see it has that effect. I was like WOW. I took one, but didn't even try to. So I think I am better at taking photos by chance with an effect then MAKING an effect happen.

Here is my photo.

Find more wordless photos at and over at


Ewa said...

that last photo is great, I had to look up that word -bokeh-in google as well:)

Erin said...

I LOVE that last pic! Makes that tree look about a mile high!

acouchphotos said...

I came here from iheartfaces. If you are looking for bokeh - you'll need a lens that has a much wider if you get a dslr you should definitely consider the 50mm lens suggestion on there, that will get you good bokeh if you leave it wide open. Most of the pictures on my blog are with my 50mm 1.4 and depending on focal distance have a lot of creamy bokeh -

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