June 17, 2010

Carbon Neutralize Blog Hop

Carbon Nutraliz Blog HopOK, so I have decided to take this carbon neutralize thing to the next steep, for me anyways. I will be doing a blog hop and planting trees for my followers, for all the lovely comments you leave on my post, oh how do we all love comments, and for everyone who is going to join in the blog hop, OK not every single person as I am hoping that it will get out of hand hope dies last. See the cool thing is you don't need to follow my blog, hay you don't even need have ever visited my blog to take part in the blog hop. But you do need to follow the 4 small rules that came with it to take part in the blog hop. Make sure you do the most important at all go to the Carbon Neutral Website  and get your blog Carbon Neutralized

I will Plant a tree for every
  •  5ed follower till I reach 50 then every 10th follower
  • 10th comment on a post
  • 10th blog hopper
  • 1000th visitor to this blog (counter on the bottom)
    So far I am at
    • 1 Trees for my Followers
    • 3 Trees for the comments 
    • 0 Trees for the Blog hoppers
    • 1 Trees for visitors to the blog
    • 3 TOTAL
    Trees That I have Planted and Where.

    NONE, I don't even know WHERE I will plant the trees yet, but I know I will find a place, probably when I am home at my mums or dads and plant them there, I may even find some plants that I can put on my balcony that will survive the winters too. Since I don't own property here I can't plant any here, so relatives will have to help out with a bit of land.

          How to join the Carbon Neutralize blog hop:
          1. Have the official Carbon Neutralize button on your blog and do all there steeps → Click Here for that 
          2. Put the Carbon Neutralize Blog Hop button on your post/blog
          3. Plant a tree for your followers*
          4. Plant a tree for comments*
          5. Plant a tree for visitors that came to your blog (if you have a counter)*
          6. Plant a tree for the blog hoppers*
          7. Add these rules to your post
          8. Add the blog hop to your post, click on get the code here under the blog hop
          *please click here for more information