June 17, 2010

My first blog Award

Was I suprised when I had a comment from The Mommy that I should head over to her blog Twenty Little Toes that she has an award for me, WOW, sombody thinks enough of this blog to give me an award and I haven't even realy been blogging for that long (though I did start this blog back in 2008, but only done a few post then and have realy gotten into it the last 4 or so months)

Well the award I got is the Outstanding Blogger Award, my blog is OUTSTANING, WOW

NOW, I need to pass this award on to some bloggers who I find outstanding.

Amy @ Artistically Amy 
Chelsey @ ♥ the paper mama
Tia @ Christphor and Tia
Neel @ Being Zara & Zidan (though I know you already got it) Guess your blog is over outstanding...

Now its up to your grils to pass it on again to more Outstanding bloggers.