February 15, 2012

Week 52 of Project 365

DAY 358
Missed This Day.
DAY 359
First time using my intervalometer and put the camera on Manuel not bulb. So instead of taking 2min exposures, I was taking 13sec exposures 2 mins apart. This is what happened....
Day 359

DAY 360
The kids always ran wild during and after I was doing the lawn.
Day 360

DAY 361
My ballerina in her stage outfit.
Day 361

DAY 362
Mr Mar jr decided to eat his breakfast this way for a while, in the washing basket with his wetbex in his lunchbox.
Day 362

DAY 363
Playing tea party at playcenter.
Day 363

DAY 364
My bread, it was a hollow bread but I filled it with meat loaf, cool surprise.Day 364