February 15, 2012

Week 52 of Project 365 – LAST DAY

DONE, WOW one year has past and I have done it. Only missed 15 days. I learnt so much during this year. Now on to my next project, it has only taking  me 2 months to finish posting the photos, BUT, the photos were all taken at the correct time. So here is my last photo of project 365. Now at some point I want to start a new project, called one year to a better photographer, were I will be going through new things each week, and luring about them. Not quite as much stress as doing a project 365, I am really glad I stuck to it. Now I also hope to be able to enter more linkys again. Also being back in Austria it will be easer as I have broadband and no more landline.

DAY 365
Trauriges Smiley NOW, I had taken a photo BUT I dropped my hard drive and hadn’t put it online yet. SO ITS GONE, though still 2 months later trying  Trauriges Smiley
to work out how to get my photos back.
Currently I am playing to do a online back up too, I will be using flickr to store photos online as a 3rd back up. and one that backs up start away with CF cards that have WIFI on it. I have not done it yet, but it will happen VERY soon.