July 4, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - You Choice #2

Here goes the next your choice over at Artistically Amy's. This time I had an ALLOT easier choice on what photo to use. Though it was taken about 2 months ago after my little girls run at my grandmothers, it only now accord to me that it would make a REALLY cool photo to color splash. Mr Mar JR sitting at the sand pit with his blue overalls. I love the faded/old look on his overalls, OK, that is cos the are old. I don't know how old, but they are from my auntie and there youngest turns 12 next week. So yeah they are old. But hand me downs with clothes are GRATE for little kids. They only have them on a few months then they are too small. So most of the time the stuff still looks grate.

So if you want to see more color splashed Photos head over to Artistically Amy's to see more of our choice photos, or to find out the upcoming themes.

Also how do you color splash your photos? would love it if you left a comment on how you do it.

This was how I did it when I started...
  • edit my picture
  • Save
  • Re-open
  • Desaturated 
  •  History brush to color back in where I wanted it
  • Saved
Using this it didn't leave much room for mistake, if when using the history brush I made a mistake I had to redo from where I last stoped. I also couldn't edit the gray scale of my picture, it was at that what the desaturat left it at.

  • Edit my picture
  • New Adjustment Layer - Gradient Map
  • Adjust the gradient map how I like it
  • Then paint in what I want in color.
  • Save
Using this method  I have complete control over what gradient I want, It doesn't need to be black and white, but if I use a more dark gray the picture gets a howl new look or if I was a dark brown it makes the photo look older. Then with painting in what I want left of the picture using the black brush, if I go over the line where I want it all I need to do is go over the part I want gone with the white color. Also it has allot less steps to it and it easier though at first it sounded so much harder.


    Amy said...

    Too cute, Marlis! I love it! And the view from the back makes this such a timeless shot.

    Christy said...

    That is such a creative and adorable shot!

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