July 18, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Ice Cream

Ms Mar was happy with the choice of this weeks theam, ICE CREAM One of Her favourites write now. Though I did do a photo shoot at home with both kids eating together from one ice cream cone, but my camera was playing up (as it dose when it wants to use the flash sometimes) so they photos came out VERY grainy. I think during the last 2 weeks I had about 5 different times I was taking photos of ice cream and the kiddies, and wasn't happy with the results till last night when I took this photo. I actually saw something like this one a different blog, when I find it I'll link it up, though they saw it in the neighbors table in a restaurant. I just copied it more or less. Its the dough you use for profiteer rolls, then strawberry ice cream into the middle, with cream and fresh strawberries. I don't even know if that is what it relay was, but it did looks something like this.

Head over to Artistically Amy and her Color Splash Sunday to see more ice cream color splashes.


Amy said...

Perfect! I love how little Ms. Mar is in the background eating her own ice cream. Great shot!

Amber said...

Love it!! I love your little girl in the background. :-)

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