July 16, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Foto Story - My Country

Why do I love this country, well sorry any Austina's reading this it isn't because of your friendliness... But more about the buildings here and the history you get to see while here. My plan was to go for a bike ride with the kids from our apartment to the city center, but time got a hold of me and I didn't get time to do that... Yeah excuses but so what, we are melting in the heat over here, so we took it to the ZOO, yeah the ZOO, now this isn't any odd zoo it is the oldest zoo in the world founded by imperial menagerie in 1752.

So we took the underground to...

Then when you get out and turn around and look at the tracks this is the old station built by Otto Wagner's Hofpavillon in 1899, this used to be a Stadtbahn station used for the Imperial family.

First you walk into the Palace Gardens and see the HUGE green house. Ms Mar asking if she can go and play in the fountain, but no that is not allowed, Like 99% of the fun stuff you may want to do in the palace gardens.

 Glad I didn't need to go in there having the 35°C we had here, I do not want to know what temp and humidity they have in there.

also I love the Fiaker that are still around, one happened to pass us we walked into the palace grounds.

When you enter the zoo one of the first things you see is the pavilion meant for imperial breakfasts.

A few more steeps and this is what you see. Now can you imagine the Empire and Empires sitting in there enjoying there breakfast.

The pavilion is surrounded by 13 enclosures, what are still used today. Though ALLOT has changed since it was opened. The Giraffes, usually the first stop for a few mins so Mr Mar JR can squel at the animals.

The old lion Cage, or at least the out side part of it, there is a bit of a inside part that is still used for the lions today.

Now this is the new Part of the lion cage.

I felt sorry for the sea lions having to lay around in 35°C sunshine while the cleaned there tank. Shame we didn't get to watch the show this time, but it is so fun, plus we would of gotten a bit wet, that would of done good.

We then went onto watch the polar bear with its lets do something therapy... Get the fish out of the container... The kids just LOVED watching the poler bear do its work. She was jumping up and throughing the container around in the end the fish was hers, she did take of into her "house" really fast after she was done.

Since it was relay too hot for the zoo we went to the water playground there, for a bit of a snake and a cool down. Theas water play grounds they have all over Vienna are so fun.

While the kiddies were playing I went over to the Who knows what it is, but they just had babies, Though trying to get photos of them wasn't easy and after about 15 mins this is all I got, cos they went to sleep and stoped moving around.

After all that it was slowly time to head home, we got to see the hippos how had decided to leave the water, and rome around a bit.

then we still did a quick stop at one of the many drinking fountains around the zoo to fill up our water bottles and get ready to leave, this is right by the exit.

Then it was time to go home in the OVER hot underground. We sure were glad to be home in the end.

The kids really enjoyed there day playing in the zoo. Thank god for year passes otherwise going to the zoo would be VERY expansive. Basically after the 3rd time we go to the zoo it is for free.

Last veu be for getting out of the underground, yeah our underground goes above ground in allot of places.

Thanks For reading, I definitely didn't realize how long a blog post like this takes to edit and post.


Amy said...

Great photo story, Marlis! I love the animal shots interspersed with the cute faces of your little ones. :) And some of those scenic shots at the beginning are just gorgeous!

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