July 6, 2010

RAW(e) - Flowers

This is the first time I am joing in over at http://sailorandcompany.blogspot.com/ with there RAW(e) contest. I accualy love seeing theas photos, untouched ones. Since I know most photos found on the web theas days have had a bit of eiditng done. So my photo is a close up of a rose that I took at my grandparents. LOL, i did do a bit of editing, I resized it and added in my name. But I am guessing that is alowed as uploading a none resized pic takes long, and also longer to load for others.

The rules are DO NOT EDIT, just use in strait out of camara, its that easy. Oh and it makes alot faster to get a post done if you don't need to edit photos first...

Anyway here is my rose.


I'm Cara. said...

This is really pretty! nice soft photo... beautiful pink.

The Mommy said...

Are you for real?! Yet another super photo:)

janineb said...

so lovely and soft. I can almost feel the silkiness of the petal :)

caite said...

what a lovely, soft color.

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