April 3, 2010

Easter Bunnies

So we have a decorating book from Hannes Lubinger at home and he make some easter bunnies out of kindersuprise eggs. Here are my Bunnies.

40g Mazipan for the head = 80g
2g for a hand = 8g
10g for the scarf = 20g
5g for a shoe = 20g
130g Fourming Mazipan (65g plain mazipan and 65g icing sugar)

Mixing it together may take a while, but keep going it will get there in the end, make sure what you arn't using is in plastic wrap or in a plasitc bag so it dosn't dry out.

Cocoa poweder for the shoes
Pink food coloering for her
Green or Blue food coloering for him
Of course you can use what ever coloers you want to, but since I am making this for my arnty and uncal I wanted a male and a female bunny.

Make the feet first

Then the head, roll a pear shape, cut the top part in 2, make push in the ears and fourm the mouth.

2 Kinder supise eggs (put in the fridge)
50g dark chocolate (i used 50% coco solids chocolate)

Melt the cocolate, but don't let it get hot.

Then I couldn't take photos of the next steep as i wasn't going to touch my camra with chocolate fingers.
Take the foil off the eggs and then take some cocolate and put it onto the eggs it, make sure the howl egg is coverd, Then lick your fingers clean, and do the next egg. Place the eggs onto the feet befor the cocolate drys that way they will glue right on, ither put the head on strait away too, or use a bit of chocolate as glue afterwards.

Don't they look sceary

Now add the last littel things, eyes and teeth (i used masa di ticno) lips and nose are out of pink mazipan.

Theas will go onto a plate with a littel spounge sheep, mazipan carrots, a few flowers and chocolates, and edabl easter grass, this will be the easter presant for my arnty, but I'll add a pic once it is 100% done.

I'll be making some for Miss Mar's 4th birthday party, but I'll just do feet and googly eyes. I am sure kids will love that, and even more with the kinder suprise inside.