December 9, 2010

A weekend in Gloggnitz

PhotoStory Friday
So we spent the Grampus weekend out in Gloggnitz with Oma and Opa. We took the train out, and couldn’t the the pram as there was so much snow. So I had 2 bags, with all the winter clothes. Opa come down with the sledge to help us go back up, though he would of come down even if it was nice weather.

We had the bags and the kids on the sledge till Mr Mar Jr took a dive off it and I had to carry him.
Gloggnitz on a nice Sunday Morning

On Saturday we went into the forest to play in the snow, It was so fun, well Mr Mar Jr wasn’t too fond of it but Ms Mar was having a grate time.
The kids getting pulled into the forest by opa.
Off into the forest
What is up there?
Kids injoying a ride
Opa doing what he dose best, Kicking the trees to make the snow fall.
Snow Avalances
Mr Mar Jr walking at snail pace after he got of the sled, or better said after Ms Mar wanted to pull it and Mr Mar Jr DID not like that.

Opa and Ms Mar trying to use what the sled is for going down a hill, but there was too much SNOW.

Out on the road again, Loved the sun hitting the tree.

Mr Mar Jr rather looked out of the window then played in the snow.
Day 10
In the afternoon we took to the garden, me and the kids, we went sliding and made snow angels. Mr Mar Jr not licking the cold snow.
Going out in the cold
Ms Mar going down the hill.
Sliding Sliding
Mr Mar Jr shoveling, he wasn’t too keen on going down the hill.
  Lets Do some shovling
Ms Mar making snow angels.

All the snow.
Look at that
Ms Mar having more fun, She loved it and I think she had more snow IN her boots then on the outside.

On Sunday Mr Mar SR came too and was Grampus/Nikolas so we went down into town to go and see them. Ms Mar was a little scared, but she did go and get a few chocolates. Last year she wasn’t scared at all, don’t know why she was scared this year.
Ms Mar Playing with a board game
Mr Mar Sr Tickling his little boy
Tickle time 
On our way down into Gloggnitz for the grampus fest.
The big kids there getting there torches
The kids with the torches
Nickolas Coming down
Ms Mar freezing cold even though it was +2°C and on Saturday it was -7°C it felt A LOT warmer due to the wind on Sunday.
Ms Mar Waiting
Nickolas Making his speech
This is what it looked like time to time, the wind was blowing the snow of the buildings, that is what made it COLD, the wind.
A friendly Grampus
Ms Mar Getting lollies from Nickolas
Then from grampus
She filled Ms Mar's pockets with lollies
Frindly Grampus
Getting ready to leave
Metting the Nicklo and Grampus 
When we got back Nickolas had come by, what got Ms Mar VERY exited.
Mr Mar JR with his bag
Mr Mar Jr with his pressi
Ms Mar opening her bag
Neckolo presants
Mr Mar Jr MMMMM Chocolate
OH, what's this? Don't need the chocolate anymore.

That was the end of our Grampus weekend in Gloggnitz. The kids had a blast and the snow was so fun.
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So many fun pictures - looks like you had a blast!

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