December 16, 2010

3rd week of Project 365

This week we just finished baking, started out gingerbread house and otherwise it was just a very normal week. It has been snowing LOTS, and it has been REALY REALY cold. We have been finishing doing our Christmas shopping, really I have been calling the post and one other company to try and track down where my calendars and Christmas cards are, guess there is still one week time to get them, otherwise nothing this year, and I will feel so bad, just cos I kind of missed I didn’t type the E at the end of a word, Instead of Rechte (right) I route Recht OK, not gonna vent about my stupid mistake. And I usually cheek the addresses I put 2-3 times cos of my dyslexia.
DAY 15
Each year we make some typical Christmas baking, these are translated sand shells..
Day 15

DAY 16
Mr Mar Jr blowing out the candles on the advent writhe. He just loves doing this.
Day 16

DAY 17
Snow on our Mint, I can’t believe it is still alive.
Day 17

DAY 18
My kiddies, I really like this photo, and I think I did a GRATE job of changing Ms Mars eyes, she was looking down at the ground on the original photo.
Day 18

DAY 19
Helping roll out the gingerbread for the house we ( I ) made. This is the most cool roller in the world, Ms Mar can help roll out and she can’t get too thin or too thick or uneven, well worth the 20€ we spent.
Day 19

DAY 20
Mr Mar hiding behind the lamp shade next to the computer.
Day 20

DAY 21
Getting everything ready to decorate the house with. These are all my cookie or cake decoration sweets, though Ms Mar ate all the smarty's, then didn’t really want dinner I wonder why.
Day 21

So that is my week 3 of my project 365. to see more click on the tab up the top or cheek out my flicker stream.