December 14, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday – My kiddies

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama So I desided to add this add this photo to the Paper HeartCamara touch up Tuesday. I am adding 3 edits, the color, b&w and sepia. I think I like The Sepia best. 

First I opened the photo in Photoshop  and cropped the photo. Afterwards I opened my second picture to to change the eyes, since Ms Mar is looking down and I couldn’t get a photo of both kids looking into the camera. I cut out the eyes, copied them into the Main photo, and adjusted the size and angle to get it to fit onto the main photo. Then I flattened it.

After that I adjusted the Levels, curves, Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, duplicated the layer and added a soft light layer. I also ran the Coffee Shop Baby Powder Room action then put them all into a set and lowered the occupancy on the whole set.  What I was happy with the way it looked I flattened it.

After that I added a b&w gradient map, changed the curves to adjust the b&w how I liked it. Then to get the Sepia tone I played around with the color balance over the b&w.

Here is my SOOC

Color Edit
Color edit 

Black and White
Black and White

Day 18

What one do you like best. For more Touch up Tuesday photos head on over to Paper Heart Camera