December 10, 2010

Week 2 Of project 365

So this week has gone by, the weeks are flying, I am hardly having time to do challenges, I just don’t know when. Since getting back from our holiday in NZ I haven’t gotten into a pattern again. Or am I just trying to do too many challenges.  Anways, the weather has been winter wonderful, cold but lots of snow, that melted in the last 2 days. It did snow this afternoon again though. I love the snow hate the cold though. This weekend we went to my Grandparents the kids grate grandparents. St Nickolas is HUGE here, so we went down into town to take part. Otherwise, we have been baking and hanging out at home. So here go my pics for this week. 

Mr Mar Jr in thought. I am getting better at editing faces. Or so I think.
Day 8
This is by far one of my most favorit photos so far, Mr Mar Jr Looking out the window into the snowy landscape.
Day 10
DAY 10
This isn’t a Grate photo quilty wise, It was taken at dusk out of the first story, I am happy I got it this good.
Day 9
DAY 11
Ms Mar Looking cute for the Camara
Day 11
DAY 12
Making Christmas cookies
Day 12

DAY 13
I think this turned out quite cool, it’s a Champaign glass.
Day 13
DAY 14
So in the advent calendar I gave the kids, I gave them a ride on the “train”
Day 14
So that is my week 2 of my project 365. to see more click on the tab up the top or cheek out my flicker stream.