December 30, 2010

Week 5 of Project 365

This was a busy week for us. From rushing to one house to the next, Me making Christmas lunch for my mothers side. The kids making a miss day in day out with there new toys. Not that we didn’t help them, who doesn’t like playing with a Duplo train set. Now we are getting ready for New Years and a few days skiing. For new years the children and I will be at my grandmothers. All in all it was a grate week, I don’t know how all the other bloggers did it getting there post up, LOL, right now I am playing catch up blogging and still need to find the pictures for the Memories, Dreams and Reflections @ Ramblings and Photos Guess that will be done tonight and tomorrow, to have it ready to link up on the second.
DAY 29
Me and my little boy playing around on the ground.
Day 29
DAY 30
Mr Mar Jr Eating his Christmas dinner at the In-laws.
Day 30
DAY 31
My Christmas lunch I made, poached fish roll on capsicum sauce with polanter starts.
Day 31
DAY 32
Mr Mar Jr unpacking his present from my dads parents, when we were in NZ he always wanted to take Ms Mar’s trolley now he has his own..
Day 32
DAY 33
Eating marshmallows from his Aunty.
Day 33
DAY 34
Playing with the Duplo train set.
Day 34/div>
DAY 35
The night before I took down the tree, our advent wreath with all 4 candles burning and the tree in the background..
Day 35