December 17, 2010

Macro Friday – Dinner

This week we copied something we saw on TV the other week. We often watch cooking shows, me being a chef and my partner is a pastry chef a lot of our life has to do with food. MMMM, guess that is a reason I am not doing too well on one of my 26 before 26 challenge.

A very common food here is filled capsicum, Mr Mar Sr doesn’t really like them, but this what we saw on TV uses all the same ingredients. But instead of mixing the mince meat (ground meat) and rice then stuffing it into a capsicum and cooking it in a tomato sauce. You make your tomato sauce, put that one the plate, make mince paddies put that on  a plate then layer a roasted capsicum on it, then a layer of rice then capsicum again. It taste nearly the same looks sooooo much nicer, and is nice and fluffy. Here is the original recipe cooked from Johann Lafer, CLICK, (its in German though) and looks A LOT better then mine. I really want some of those rings you can use to portion food better.

Gefüllte Paprikaschoten

I really want one of those rings to portion food with, What I would do different next time, OH, also I should mention, I did not cook this, I only put it together, My lovely man can cook. I was busy making a gingerbread house with the kids, I still need to put the photos up of that, well and finish it.

OK back to what I would do different, and if I have the rings I would make the paddies smaller, cut out the capsicum in circles (use the left over stuff in the tomato sauce) and have more layers using the rings to get it all the same. Though at the same time I love how the rice is falling down the sides. I am going to make this when I am at my grandmothers next time. And use more colors of capsicum, orange, green, read, yellow.

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