December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all my lovely followers.

Over here we enjoy Christmas on the 24th in the evening, that day we spent with my In-laws, Today I had my mothers side of the family over for lunch. I made some yummy roast beef rolls, followed by a poached fish roll on capsicum sauce with start polanter. Mr. Mar Sr made a typical Austrian dish, Kaiser schmarn, but with some liebkuchen spices. Was a cool, twist to it.

I got a camera bag for my camera, I so needed one, my hand bag isn’t big enough for it, and Mr. Mar Sr didn’t really want to carry it around all the time. I gave him a new cell phone, he actually wanted a MP3 Player but since his phone was playing up I thought, why not a new one, with MP3 player on it, and some beans to fill the bean bag.

My kids were so nackerd by 530pm that we needed up putting them to bed at 630, both were asleep by 7. Tomorrow we are off to my dads parents place for Christmas. Yeh, busy 3 days.

Wish you all happy days, lots of good times.

Mrs. Mar