December 2, 2010

Week 1 Of project 365

So each week I will post a summery of my photos, you can see them all HERE.

I have been having fun, So far after 1 week of having my Canon 60D I have taken 1159 Photos. Where yip, I probably can delet over half of them all together, becouse white balence is off (still need to get to that part in the manuel) But I am getting the hang of it. Most of my photos I have to take with flash inside, we do not have alot of light in the appartment, and when it is snowing we have the lights on all day.

Anyways, To my photos.

Still taken with my Canon Powershot a720 is, MY CAMARA

Mr Mar Jr, as the sun is shining in through the window
Day 2
Ms Mar, having fun in her twerly dress, I used a bit of a longer shutterspeed then had the flash flash in the second curten to try and get some focas in there. While edting I added a textur. I wanted it to blend a bit of the bussy background. Don't realy like the way it turned out though.
Day 3

A close up, of a pine cone on our advant reef.
Day 4

Playing with zoom and flash, I had the lens open for about 10 seconds and then would zoom in and let the camara falsh (second curten)
Day 5

The Advant calander I made for the kids, I did not make the tiny socks and gloves. I am not sure But I think it was my grandmother who made them, if not her it was a friends of hers. The kids are getting stuff from chocolates to trainrides, Ms Mar is getting ear rigns and hair clips, where Mr Mar Jr is getting matchbox cars on those days. Though I still need somthing for the last 2 days
Day 6

The snow sitting on your x-mass tree, this was the frist time it REALY snowed and it stayed on the ground. The kids LOVED playing in the snow yesterday.
Day 7 of 365


Mama Hen said...

These pictures are beautiful! Great job! Great camera! Have a good night!

Mama Hen

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

You're a finalist!

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