December 11, 2010

The Paper Mama - Holiday Colors

The Paper MamaThis weeks theme over at the paper mama is Holiday Colors. So I took our Advent Wreath what is red, green, sliver and gold, and Mr Mar Jr who just LOVES blowing out the candles. It is so funny. For those who don’t know what this is, basically 4 weeks before Christmas each Sunday you light a candle. So the last candle get light on the last Sunday before Christmas. We also put our tree up that day. Each Sunday we do a deferent thing.

Advent Sunday 1 – Make the Wreath
Advent Sunday 2 – Go to my grandparents place to the Nickolas grampus festival.
Advent Sunday 3 – Make a gingerbread house (though we will be doing this on Monday)
Advent Sunday 4 – Put up our tree and go into town, to the Christmas markets and drink some punch.

This is also my way of getting the kids into the Christmas sprit. The weeks just fly by. So here is Mr Mar Jr with the Christmas wreath.

Mr Mar Jr Blowing out candels

Anyway, Head over to Chelsey's blog the paper mama for some more photos.