December 2, 2010

Pixel Perfect - befor and after

So this is the first time I am taking part in pixel Perfect. I have been playing around quite a bit in photoshop 7 and trying new things, I have only just started with actions, not only with the things to make it faster. EG rezings my photos, or adding my water mark. But also been trying some out from other people. Its been fun.

So this is a photo I took of Mr Mar Jr yesterday after we came back in from playing in the snow, it was taken with a Canon 60D

Here is the SOOC Resizes and watermarked no other changes.

After my first edit
edit 1

This is my final edit with a new background. I had to redo it as the first time I uploaded it all the colors changed drasticaly, his cheaks were very blotchy red.
Edit With Background

For more befor and Afters head on over to Pixel Perfect.


Katie said...

You did a nice job lightening this shot up!

Ewa said...

oh, he's so cute! nice edit

Ashley Sisk said...

Nice touch up - you've done a good job of brightening him up.

Mama Monkey said...

I really like the background on that edit!

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