December 30, 2010

Week 4 of project 365

So other week has gone by, and I have had my camera for a month. I think I am getting better, LOL, if anything I am getting better at editing. I am just trying to work out what the F-stop dose, don’t quite understand it. I think I need a lens where I can go lower to play more, it seems like I always have it on the lowest number cos it is so dark here. I have so much fun when we go out to play outside with the kids and I take my camera. I really need a camera bag, and a tripod. I think those are the most 2 important things I need.

This week we put up the tree then we went for a walk through the city, I just love the Christmas markets and the lights in the city center. I went to my works x-mass party, though I am on mat leave and haven’t been at work for well ages to work anyways. Love living here payed mat leave till the kids are 2 years old, then you can work part time till your kids are 4 with out being sacked, guess sometimes some countries really have there perks. Back to our week, the Christmas party was fun, but I didn’t take my camera with me, They had a candy floss mashain there, guess how many chefs it takes to make one little thing of candy floss, 5, really there were 5 trying to get this thing working it was soooo funny. I stayed there for the 2 hours got my pressie,  a huge beach towl and some cosmetics. Me and the kids made a tree to hang our cards from, another blogging mum gave me the idea. OK onto the photos.

It seems like I post A LOT of photos of Mr Mar Jr, that is because Ms Mar is at kindy and well who doesn’t like taking photos of there kids when they are around.

DAY 22
Mr Mar Jr just lolling around on the ground.
Day 22
DAY 23
Mr Mar Jr asleep on the sofa with his daddy, not that you can see him, since the zip and what ever als you could see I edited out.
Day 23 of 365
DAY 24
Here you put margns on the tree, I just love eating theas, so I made some with the left over egg whites from all our Christmas baking, we made 17 deferent kinds this year, with we I mean more Mr Mar Sr, the kids got to put the sprinkles on them. Mr Mar Jr did destroy about 1/4 of them since it was fun squishing the stuff around.
Day 24 of 365
DAY 25
So anyone who has been in Vienna will know this place, and Mr Mar Sr used to work in the building on the left on the top floor. I actually hand held this photo. Since I doubt have a tripod. I was surprised at how little motion blur on the pictures hand holding them.
Day 25 of 365
DAY 26
Ok, defiantly not the best picture but I only took 4 this day, its of our Christmas tree card holder.
Day 26 of 365
DAY 27
For Christmas we got a new nesspriso marshien as our old one slowly started to die on us. This one makes wonderful café lattes, its my favorite.
Day 27 of 365
DAY 28
Taking photos of the tree.Day 28