August 13, 2010

Photo Roulette - 5(10)

I won last weeks Photo Roulette Friday, I can't belave it. Along with a very fun entry from Ashley Sisk. This is the first time I have won a photo contest, so yes it is a big thing for me, and I am all giddy now thank you  Cara for chosing my entry as one of the winning entries.

Today we were giving the numbers 5(10) meaning 5ed folder 10th photo. Now this is a photo album I put together for my dad, of photos of playgrounds around Vienna, and there cool little things. This one was taken in the Vienna Zoo at the playground, where if we go to the zoo we often end up spending most of our time. But with the year card I really do not care. Back to why I take these very random often not even good photos. My dad has his own creative business Unique Outdoor spaces and since he works ALLOT at schools making them courtyards, it is grate to see what else is out there for ideas. I don't want to keep these photos in my normal albums otherwise I would take  along time to find them since I wouldn't remember what month I took them in.

So here is my Photo, it is of a all thing to balance on climb over or what ever else.

Head on over to Mischief and Laughs to see more random photos.


Ashley Sisk said...

Very interesting and congratulations on the win!

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