August 19, 2010

Making a wedding cake.

So some friends of the family had there wedding on Saturday, We made the wedding cake, a 4 stacked, well staired one.

Bottom cake: Punch cake, the motive on top is what they had on there invites.
Middle 2 cakes are a Sacher cake, an Austrian chocolate cake, topped with real roses.
Top cake is a Nut cake, topped with a sugar crown and real flowers.

The cakes, after they were baked.

Rolling out the fondant

Dusting the table

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Lifting it up gently

Cover the cake

Smoothing out the Fondant

Add a nice purple ribbon to the bottom to hide any uneven edges

Base of the top cake is done, Now anther 3 times to go.

We bought a Wilton turn table to decorate the cakes with, this thing is sooo cool, and makes it ALLOT easer.

Starting with the first border...

Then onto the second part of it.

Finishing it off, 2 cakes with this patten on it.

Now to the bottom cake, this patten was on there card, or at least it was very simmeler to the card.

The crown that we put on top, made out of royal icing, piped onto a patten then the back piped again. We put it together at the venue, since we didn't dear to put it together at home, since we had to transport the cake about an hours drive.

Now with the real roses

A close up of the crown

Top View

A few more close ups

I wish I had a better camera, since my camera takes good pictures outside during the day light, even in bright sun, but differently not inside, and even less if I don't use flash. Using flash dose not work with taking photos of cakes they are really washed out. So LOTS of post work to get them looking OK. Colors are still off. Can't wait for a few more months weeks, years till I really understand photoshop and have a new version.


Ashley Sisk said...

Nice work...I love wedding cake.

Ewa said...

WOW, the wedding cake it looks great,

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