August 23, 2010

scavenger hunt sunday

Another week, Another challange. This week I deffently had a hard time. First I had to google what Leading Lines photos are. Then the chalange what to take a photo of. My weeks just seem to go by so fast, even being a stay at home mum. But it deffenly gives me grate resons to go out and take some photos.

I have deffently relised how long it takes to edit photos. The photos for the wedding cake post, I spent 3 evenings doing them.

I just got all photos taken in time for this one, well exept sight, since I was so confused to what i should take and had no idea what so ever.
This weeks themes
  1. Leading Lines
  2. Something Comfortable (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
  3. Feet (August 2010 Photo Hunt item) 
  4. Sight didn't get anything taken.
  5. Sweet

Leading Lines - going for a walk over the Blue Danup

Something Comfortable - What is more compfterbul then a sheep skin. They are so soft...

Feet - in the underground on the way home from a birthday party.

Sight :(

Sweet - Ms Mar loves baking, we had some left over butter icing from the wedding cake, so I made some mini chocolate cupcakes. Ms Mar got to decorate the 2 dozen that I made. Didn't want to make that many but I did... We also got some flower and leaf punch cutters, they are so easy to use that not even a 4 year old has any problem with it.

Next week themes are

1. Bokeh (also your POTW theme) What is that
2. Business (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
3. Eco-Friendly (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
4. Repetition (August 2010 Photo Hunt Item)
5. Music


Ashley Sisk said...

I love love your first two shots...don't beat yourself up. It's meant to be fun. No worries if you don't complete all the items.

Ewa said...

great photos, my favourite is leading lines

Amy said...

I LOVE your leading lines photo! It's just gorgeous!

Bokeh is the appearance of blurry dots of light in the background of a photo. If you want an example, here is one of my best bokeh shots:

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