August 30, 2010

Photo Roulette - 12(14)

This week though Friday is long gone, since I had a long weekend away with out Internet, I couldn't link up, time for catch up posting (and editing) in the next hour.

First link up, with with photo roulette Friday, this week we got to chose from 2 sets of numbers (in case we have to dig deeper)

Since I am just transferring all my photos to my external hard drive and backing up to CD (PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO BACK UPS I have lost too many photos, and back up in more then one place, Yes it dose happen that 2 places die at the same time... or you are too dumb and think you burnt everything to CD when you didn't)

Back to photo roulette, the numbers are 12(14) or 6(14) I chose 12(14),
12 Folder = Food ~ 14 Photo = Not a too good of a photo, but it was one of the photos I started to blog again. This was for my second entry over at I hart face. Though this photo did not get used...

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