August 21, 2010

The Papa Mama Photo Challenge - Flowers

The Paper MamaI had taken theas photos today, actually to enter them into the orange challenge, I can just never really remember when something ends... But I think it fits just as well for this challenge too. What is Flowers. This is the kids playing with the water fountain at Mr Mar Sr aunties place. They had so much fun with that. And I loved the orange/yellow flowers in front of them.

Anyway, Head over to Chelsey's blog the paper mama for some more Buddie photos.


Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

Cute kids! They look like they are loving that fountain!

Ashley Sisk said...

Is that a bar of soap - they look like they're ready to clean the flowers.

Mrs Mar said...

LOL, Its a stone. I never saw it like that. Too funny. It realy dose look like it.

Ewa said...

very cute, and I love the color of flowers

Mandy said...

Oh look at them!! So cute!

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