August 9, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Surprise

SURPRISE, anther I ♥  Faces contest. The photo I am entering shows exactly what SURPRISE is, my little girl on her 4th birthday when she saw the cake we made her. A barbie cake. One little boy at the party told us it wasn't edible. But it was, everyone loved the chocolate cake, and Ms Mar just wanted to eat the dress.

So head on over to to see more grate photos including Faces.

I am just wondering all you grate editors how can I reduce the noise in the photo. I use photo shop 6 to edit my pictures. I am hoping to be able to buy Photo shop elements 8 for my birthday, but right now I am using this and would LOVE to know how to get rid of noise. Nothing I find on line seems to work the way I would like it too.


Carrie said...

The look on her face is so sweet! Have you tried converting it to B&W or sepia to see how it looks with the noise?

Brooke said...

What a great capture of the surprise on her face!

Amy said...

Have you tried noiseware? It works wonders for me. Here is the link:

Mrs Mar said...

WOW, thank you Amy, I just ran that with the photo and it looks 100x better. Deffenlty a grate tool to have. THANKS

I will still have to try doing b&w.

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