February 26, 2011

Week 11 of Project 365

I really haven’t stoped this project, I have just been caught up doing other stuff then editing and posting my photos, but tonight, I left the TV off and am playing catch up. Also catching up on backing up the rest of my photos to DVDs.
DAY 71
This is what our floor looks like, even if the kids aren't drawing, FUN FUN FUN.
Day 71

DAY 72
I wanted to eat roasted Marshmallows, well this was my way to get to them.
Day 72

DAY 73
Just anther picture of Mr Mar Jr.
Day 73

DAY 74
Kids having fun on the playground, I love it when they play like this together..
Day 74

DAY 75
Birds flying away from the water.
Day 75

DAY 76
So this is lets call her my steep niece Lena.
Day 76

DAY 77
So here I TRYED doing a HDR photo.
Day 77