February 25, 2011

Week 10 of Project 365

I can’t really remember what exactly we did this week. I did get my wisdom teeth out on my left side OUCH now a month later I have already gotten the second side done and I can finally eat properly again and I shouldn’t have anymore sore gums.
DAY 64
Mr Mar playing with his train set.
Day 64

DAY 65
We went to the play ground, the sun was shining and it was lovely weather, if you forget that it was -7°C outside. But the sunshine made it all better. The light was just perfect to take photos in for the first bit when we were there.
Day 65

DAY 66
The kids play fighting with there granddad.
Day 66

DAY 67
I had gotten some new Patchwork Cutters, and just had to use them. So A teddy bears picnic on a Caramel and Chocolate tart. I have to say, having little kids and taking photos isn’t always the best.
Day 67

DAY 68
This was dinner the day I got my teeth out, yes COLD food, It did good.
Day 68

DAY 69

DAY 70