February 4, 2011

From good to WOW – Red

So here is my edit for this week. I was so organized last week with my post this week. Well I have gotten behind. Guess Allot has to do with me not putting my “new” photos onto the laptop cos there is nor room, deleting photos is so much harder then I thought even if I have it all burnt on DVDs and on my external hard drive, I am still scared of loosing them.
I didn’t write down my editing steeps this week so I did what I could remember.


From good to WOW - Red

My SOOC, Sheared on my last post
  1. Adjust all my normal things (colour balance, white balance, ECT)
  2. New layer black and white gradient set to 12%
  3. New Layer filled with red and removed from everything but tomatoes set to 9%
  4. Copy picture add grasson blur and remove from tomatoes and knife edge (to get rid of a bit of noise)
  5. and since I didn’t write it down I can’t remember what els I did

To see the edits head on over to Ashley Sisk’s blog Ramblings and Photos.