February 25, 2011


So once again I wanted to take some time to take photos, I have been loving the few times I have taken photos of water, from my first time where I took nearly 450 photos and only had a few that worked. My main problem there was that I didn’t have a tripod. I only got a hand full of photos from that day, where this one was the best.

My second try I had a tripod and I used the flash defiantly resulting in better photos, not so grainy and just allot more fun. I took about 120 photos, where I had a defiant better result then the first time.  But I still had the ISO too high, Also this time I used a Drinking straw to drop the water into the glass and not a plastic bag hanging over the table.

Then last night I had other go at it, With this set up. Camera On a tripod, The kids painting isle as a backdrop, Water in a glass,  green water for fun effects, eye dropper to drop in water. I had a few boxes under the paper to get the glass a bit higher as my tripod even on the lowest setting was still too high.

Water Drop Set Up

My camera settings were.

  • Exposure – 1/125
  • ISO – 250
  • F-Stop – f/14
  • Flash was on and set to 0

The lens I used was the Kit lens 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS

Next time I will do a custom white balance, on the background, It would of saved allot of time when editing.

Here are some Photos that I took

The glass I was using after a few drops of food colouring

Water drop hitting the water

Day 91

Crowning, where the water drop is in the water                       

(I am entering this photo below to Marco Friday)                           


Tower, the water getting pushed up when the crown closes again with the top drop detaching.

Top drop falling down.

Top drop about to hit the water, look at the ripples it is making before it hits the water

Top drop just before it sinks into the water again. Love how it looks like it is just sitting there.

Last ripples before the water sets again for the next hit.

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