February 10, 2011

From Good to WOW – Week 5 – Hearts

With 4 weeks to go till we move to NZ, I am finding my self less and less keeping up with my blog. But this week Ms Mar asked me to draw a photo onto her chalk board. She loves them but can’t draw them yet. Of course when drawing it I thought of this challenge. So while Mr Mar Jr took his nap I edit the photos. I didn’t even link up to the SOOC post. But I am getting this one down.
I also made a photo book for the kids grandfather from there grandmother for there wedding day in March. I had my job interview this week too.
I am still doing my project 365 BUT just haven’t looked through the photos I have taken. Yeh, I am getting behind with posting but am still taking photos. I had to remove ALOT of photos from my lap top. So far I have gotten to December 2006, still need to sort through all the rest till now. I only want to keep the ones I want to show of to people on my laptop, the rest are on the external hard drive and on CD/DVDs.
Well here is my photo for this week.
From good to WOW - week 5
  1. Do my basic Editing (see my pervious shoot and edit shots for what that is)
  2. Add a Dark red layer and turn down to 9%
  3. Add a Custom black and white layer, This time I put in 4 points, Black, dark grey, light grey, and white. Turned that down to 20%
  1. Just followed all the steeps from the first edit.
  2. Left the custom black and white at 100%

To see the edits head on over to Ashley Sisk’s blog Ramblings and Photos.