October 17, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge - October 2010

I loved the challange in August finding all the things I can't wait to join in again, though I know october is nerly over, I am going to join in again with the Photo Hunt Challenge for ocotber.

I am write now just sitting at dads on the sofa catching up on some 200+ blog post, so don't wounder if I am not commting on anything. I do not have that much time. I realy need to start looking at the 1000 of photos of things I have taken while I am here. From being all the way on the most sothenst point of new zealand, where the wind didn't let up at all. It was COLD. To the beutifull far north where we had lots of sun shine. I went to the local schools pet day, where kids make little minatur gardens and vaslien plates, I just didn't take photos in the class rooms, and where they bring there pets from Cows to tadpols.

Here is this months list and sign up here if you still want to take part in this months challagne.

1. In Disguise
2. Crisp
3. Fall Colors
4. A Jack O’lantern
5. a Shot from the Ground
6. a Landscape
7. a Fall Tradition
8. Books
9. Dining
10. Child/Children
11. Faces formed in Nature (anything that looks like a face but isn’t)
12. Tilt-Shift Photography
13. B &W with selective coloring
14. Bokeh
15. Best Photo taken October 23rd
16. Something from the Kitchen
17. Something Vintage
18. Something Creepy
19. Something Golden
20. A Self-Portrait