October 24, 2010

Color Splash Sunday - Eyes

HI all, I am back home now, so off onto doing my photo blog again. I actually missed playing with my photos and reading blogs. We  had a Grate time Over in New Zealand the surprise that we gave my mum worked GRATE, she did not have any idea at all what was going on. I hope to get a few pictures up, from over there, but we probably took 3141 photos, so allot to go through, I am just making a short movie (about an hour)  for the family from the trip over there, still wishing I could get adobe premier again, that is the program I used at school to make movies with and I loved it. Maybe one day I'll have the money for it.

Anyways, back onto this blog, I took this photo in a the train on the way to my grandparents in June i think it was, I love the way Ms Mar is looking and her piercing blue eyes on it, I had edit this photo AGES ago always hoping for the theme to come up, then about a month ago Amy asked for ideas for color splash photos, my first idea of course was eyes.

So head over to Amy's blog Artistically Amy for more color splash photos.


lisa said...

This is such a sweet shot!

Amy said...

Thanks for giving me the idea for this theme, I loved it!

And if I could pick a winner for this week, it'd definitely be you! (Too bad I didn't get enough entries.) This photo of little Miss Mar is just gorgeous! The selective color is perfect to emphasize her eyes.

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