October 30, 2010

Foto Story Friday - Planting a Tree

PhotoStory FridayI don't think I have likned up with photo story friday, er remind me its not firday anymore, But I am home alone, Mr Mar SR at work and the kids are with there grandmum, pluss I am sick, the reson I desided to get the kids away to rest, by the way my head is feeling I am glad they arn't here, But it has given me a chance to put up some photos, I realy need to get back into blogging.

I am doing a Blog hope, for every 10th comment, every 5ed follower and every 1000 visit to my blog I will palnt a tree, Now since I don't have room in a apparment to plant a tree, I planted one when I was in New Zealand on holdiay, I planted it am my mums, I chose a Macadamia tree, I LOVE macadmia nuts. Getting  hammer and hitting them so hard till the shell pops off, then eating the nice nut inside. MMMMM, so what better tree to chose, plus I guess it will stop a bit of carbon out put by just walking to the tree and getting the nuts once it carry then driving over to the shop to buy them.

Then since my mum has a prity big orchard we had to find a place to put it. This was the most open place we could find. The trees to the side are not dead, but since it is spring time they are just starting to wake up. Oh, its going to be getting so nice a warm over there now, and here well yeh it is just getting cold, Though I do love the color of all the trees right now.

Digging the whol, LOL so I start to dig, getting the right width and the right depth, Just for the shovel to hit somting, I think GRATE I got  the off run form the sugege thing, so I keep diging to try and figer out what it is. It was rotten rock, yes rock can rot, it just gets all wird. So I get to start all over again...
  Once I had finnished the second howl, Having it big enough we put the tree in, then since I deffently did not do a good job of putting the earth on a nice pile I had a hard time putting the earth in around the tree, at least I had Mr Mar Jr there to help me. It was more hard work then I though. Only 11 more or so to go...


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Ashley Sisk said...

YAY! Planting trees is good and hard work!

Amy said...

Great photo story, Marlis! It's nice to see some photos of you, along with the kids, and is that Mr. Mar Sr.?!? ;)

And the tree-planting, great work! I remember how hard it can be, but it's definitely worth it. Not only did you help save the planet a little, but you also taught your kids a great lesson.

And Miles To Go... said...

what a wonderful post! Love the photos.

Mama Hen said...

This is a great idea! The pictures are lovely and it is so special you are planting trees! Have a great Sunday!

Mama Hen

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Chears Mrs Mar