June 8, 2011

Week 28 of Project 365

It was queens weekend here this weekend, so it was a long weekend (how often can one use the word weekend in a sentence). The kids had fun there. We even went swimming, the official start of winter was on the first. The forecast was HORRIBEL, we were supposed to have wind rain and storms. BUT it was just the opposed, it was warm the sun was shining.

DAY 190
The room I sleep in here is full of glow in the dark stars. So I get to look at the stars even if it is poring down with rain.
Day 190 
DAY 191
At the batch we went to over queens weekend they have these pottery ocean deco, a local potter up north here makes them.
Day 191 
DAY 192
Sun set from the batch.
Day 193 
DAY 193
Waves coming in over the textured sand.
Day 192 
DAY 194
Buddy my mums dog.
Day 194

DAY 195
Stacked apples. Our neighbour has all these granny smith apples. For both scavenger hunt Sunday and the 30 day photography challenge the theme is apple. I didn’t know what I wanted to take or how to take it. Then this came to mind.
Day 195

DAY 196
We went for a walk yesterday just as the sun was starting to set. For a change a deferent view of the sun setting, since I wasn’t on the front lawn.Day 196