June 6, 2011

Week 27 of Project 365

It feels grate to be right on track with posting my photos now.

We can feel how it is getting colder at the workshop (just over the hill from the house) there was a bit of a frost, but not yet at the house, that can’t be far off. So we can feel winter is coming. Mum and Ms Mar planted some garlic on the weekend. We will also plant some potatoes and hope that they grow. Currently we are working on making a new garden, so my mum has a bigger one. You know in case of the world ending and we need to be self sustainable… Not a bad idea, just I would miss having spas.

I am building a wood chopping thing to make cutting the wood smaller for the coal range, and it makes it easer for anyone to cut fire wood in general. The grass is still really wet from the due so that will be my mission for the day.

I still can’t believe that I have really gotten caught up with the photos, editing and posting them. It was a bit daunting to start out with, but it defiantly feels grate. Now I still need to put together a small post of our travels to NZ, We have nearly been here for 3 months now. Time flies.

DAY 183
We had a storm this day, it looked dark all day, Ms Mar went to the neighbours in the afternoon. When we went to pick her up and walk home the sun made all the rain clouds this purple colour. Everything was glowing.
Day 183 
DAY 184
A NZ 50c coin.
Day 184 
DAY 185
Toad stool that was under a log.
Day 185 
DAY 186
Juicing a freshly picked Tangerine.
Day 186 
DAY 187
Rope from the swing in my bedroom here.
Day 187 
DAY 188
An egg I found while we were feeding the neighbour’s animals while they were away. It is a chicken egg. I do not know if it i from one of the bantam’s or from a normal chicken, but it is small no matter what..
Day 188 
DAY 189
Ms Mar’s ballet shoes. I saw them just put on the ground like this in front of her bedroom door.Day 189