March 1, 2011


I don’t take part in too many contest where there is a real prize. But I would really like it if you would vote for a cake of mine, it was the first topsy tervy cake I made. If I get the most votes by the 7th of March, so only 7 days of voting, I will win 10kg of roll fondant. This stuff isn’t cheap so I can defiantly use this for my cakes.

Just getting in the top 3 would be cool. So wounder where to go Click here and then click like. I think you have to like the page too, If you Like my photo I will give you an extra chance to take part in my give away, for reference I am on 170 post, so only 30 more post then I am doing my give away. So I’ll end up making and sending the plate from New Zealand.

the photo to vote for is. This topsy truvy cake I made for my 25ed birthday.

Thank you for everyone that votes here is the link again to the photo. Just click on my give away and say you liked my photo in the contest.

Thanks again to everyone who votes for my cake

Mrs Mar