March 1, 2011

Mr Mar Jr 2nd Birthday

So 2 years ago today my little boy was born. I had a lovely water birth, all natural. It was such a grate day, the labour was quite fast, Started lightly around 2am, after we had gone out to the movies and a drink. We got home around 11pm and headed of to bed. During the night I had woken up feeling contractions, I was sure they were going to end since it was still 10days till his due date, and Ms Mar came 5 days after her due date so I was not prepared for him to come yet.

When I woke up at 2am I got up and went on the computer, to kill of some time, the contractions weren't slowing down, but I wasn’t worried still thinking it was going to stop. At some point I thought I would go back to bed, only lasted a few mins, when Mr Mar Sr asked me what was up, I told him I had contraction and he just said ok, and went back to sleep. I got up and jumped into the bath. Then around 5am I called my mother who then was living on the other side of town and would need about an hour to get to our place. She arrived at 7am, calling if we wanted something to eat, I didn’t. When she got up to our apartment asked me what now. We talked a little and around 730 headed of to the hospital. Got there at 8ish, I was in hard labour by this time. When the midwife cheeked I was only dilated to 7cm. My first thought was GRATE, we will be here AGES. I wanted a water birth so they started to fill the tub, now those tubs are NOT small. So they do take a good time to fill up. At some point I told the mid wife the baby is coming, this was about 25mins after we arrived, she just told me I don’t think so, So I told her to cheek, and yip he was coming. She asked if I still wanted a water birth. I said yes, so off the bed through the room to the tub where about 20cm of water was. My mother and the midwife helped me into the tub and I just knelt down in there. The midwife then told me I can’t stay in the position so they lifted me back and he was born. at 834am on Sunday the 1st of March 2009. We only turned the water of from the tub after he was born.

A few hours old.

a Few hours old

A few days old

A few Days old.

6 months

6 Months

1 year

1 year

18 months

18 Months

2 years.

2 years

We will be doing a birthday party for him on the weekend. He is getting a lightning McQueen cake (EEEK). Today we just done little family thing. I made a little Marzipan train with candles on it. He LOVED it.

Mr Mar Jr 2nd birthday cake

The Marzipan train topper, link to where I got the instructions.

Cake Topper

Blowing out his candlesMr Mar Jr

Enjoying his presents, Ms Mar chose this one for him, and she chose a card too, she really wanted to get him something. I found that just too cute.

Mr Mar Jr

And Lightning McQueen, LOL, I saw this and bought it more so we can copy the cake for Sunday. Since it is allot easer if you have a prototype to copy form and Mr Mar Jr defiantly doesn't mind.

Mr Mar Jr

Happy birthday my little big boy.

Mr Mar Jr


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