July 25, 2012

Thunder and Lightning

I have never been a fan of Lighting, guess I don’t mind the thunder so much, its just loud. But I am scared of lighting, even though growing up in a country with no folk lighting I still don’t like it. EXEPT for one thing. That is to capture it on a photo. I have tried a few times but never really managed. I don’t know what happened this last time. Other then I was taking photos on the night with the most recorded lightings though not 100% sure on that one but it was close I took my camera out put it on its tri pod, grabbed my camera remote (on the cord) and started to click away. Basically I was realising on my reactions. By the looks of things it wasn’t too bad.

This was the second photo I took. My main problem was that I had the camera on automatic ISO, so it was taking photos at a high ISO. This is also taken through the closed window that was covered in rain.


Another take you can really see the water drops on this one



And one of the last ones. I think this is the best shot. You can Mr Mar Sr and my mother in the photo on the side. Just but they were there. We were drinking cocktails that my sisters partner had made for us. While I was standing in the hall watching the lighting storm over Vienna.