August 1, 2011

Week 30 of Project 365

DAY 204
I have been watching the metamorphoses of caterpillars to butterflies over the last few weeks, for a luring story at play-centre. This is the butterfly a bit after it hatched.
Day 204

DAY 205
The next day we put the butterfly outside, and as the sun hit it it then flew off.
Day 205

DAY 206
Lemon Marang pie, MMMMMM. We currently have so many lemons on our tree its grate.
Day 206

DAY 207
Ms Mar jumping on a trampoline in the early evening.
Day 207

DAY 208
I used the texuter of our mudbrick walls for this photo.
Day 208

DAY 209
Winter Salusters walk, longest night of the year.
Day 209

DAY 210
Kids enjoying the morning sun.Day 210