August 1, 2011

Week 29 of Project 365

 DAY 197

Mr Mar Jr, blocking his eyes as he sleeps from the flash of the camera, Ms Mar doesn't ever notice me taking photos, but my little boy sure dose.

Day 197

DAY 198
Mr Mar Jr and anther little boy at play centre stacking a track full of “logs”.
Day 198

DAY 199
ERRRR anther water drop…..
Day 199

DAY 200
Banana Flower dropping into the pond.
Day 200

DAY 201
I have started to make hair bows and am going to start to sell them on Trade Me. So me and everything reading in front of the TV.
Day 201

DAY 202
Mr Mar Jr helping me bring the fire wood inside.
Day 202

DAY 203
Our banana plant in the glass house.

Day 203